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Pastor Constance Hatchett

Constance Hatchett is a native of Washington, DC, but has been residing in Philadelphia since 1959.  She is the mother of five, a grandmother and great grandmother.  Before moving to West Philadelphia, she lived in North Philadelphia and started her children’s schooling in the former Elverson Elementary School.  In 1965, Constance and her husband, Frances (now deceased) moved to West Philadelphia where she resides today.

Constance, who is referred to as Connie left the world of work in 1980 to prepare for a career in the field of social services.  She attended the Community College of Philadelphia awhere she received an Associates degree, and Temple University where she received her bachelor's and master's degrees.  In 1984, she began her professional career in higher education where she functioned as a counselor at Drexel University.  In her desire to work with women, she also served as counselor at Women in Transition.  Also included in her professional career were Family Services of Philadelphia, Community College of Philadelphia and Women’s Christian Alliance where she retired in 2010.

Connie’s goal is to provide supportive services through education and training for the underserved in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities.  Her experience in the area of Family Life Education qualifies her for a broad range of services.  Her expertise and compassion for those who require assistance with navigating the system of education and social services is a plus.


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