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Constance Hatchett is a native of Washington, DC, but has been residing in Philadelphia since 1959.  She is the mother of five, a grandmother and great grandmother.  In 1978, she left the world of work to prepare for a career in the field of social services.  Connie received her education from the Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University,  After graduating from Temple University with a Graduate degree, she worked in higher education and social services and remained in that arena until her retirement in 2010.


According to Connie, education with a religious focus broadens the learning experience throughout the life cycle.  She wants that learning to begin with children in Pre-K 4 and expand to adulthood.  For this reason she has created the Sanctuary Fellowship Worship Center and Beacon House Ministries.


The Sanctuary Fellowship Worship Center and Beacon House ministries launched in 2015 with the support of many funding sources.  It is revitalizing the service community by enhancing already existing resources and providing opportunities for those who wish to utilize religious materials to teach and enlighten learners of all ages.


Connie and her family have been in the helping field for a long time and come from a long line of ministers, teachers and service providers.  With endorsement of the community, she and her family will be able to serve in a way that empowers those who need help in order to live independently and effectively in their various communities.

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