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God Ain't Mad At You

November 19, 2021


God Ain’t Mad At You! 

By, Nancy Golden


The members of the SFW Center in West Philadelphia have begun an antigun violence campaign entitled, God Ain’t Mad At You! During this crusade, the church’s leadership and congregation are calling all people to commit themselves to daily prayer, as a way of displaying a humble appeal for God to end gun violence in our communities.


We earnestly believe that gun violence is an all-inclusive movement of destruction, resulting in the murder, killing and critical wounds of babies, teens, adults and the elderly. It has no respect of persons.


This evil is motivated by a murderous spirit, seeking to kill, steal and destroy the lives of millions all across America and beyond.  It rages like a wild forest fire leaving a bloody path of devastation upon God’s crafted landscape.


Gun violence cannot exist without the help of willing workers and volunteers who void themselves of repentance and remorse. But, we serve a God who uses the power of love as His preferred weapon of defense.  Our God is all-powerful, all knowing and all present simultaneously. He has given us His Son Jesus Christ as our power source to defend and protect ourselves from this invisible spirit embodied in the souls of men and women who have compromised their very existence to defy the power and authority of the Most High God.


Let us turn from sin and turn to God who is waiting patiently to hear our petitions for peace in the valley.  The Bible says, “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”


God Ain’t Mad At You! God loves You!       


Let us pray!

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