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Additional Ministries

Weekly Bible Study

The weekly Bible studies are designed to mature believers by helping them to aspire to follow Jesus' example.  It helps them realize that the study of the Bible is incredibly important and essential.  The study of the Bible is the primary and best means for the church to disciple people in God's precepts so then can grow in their walk with Christ.

Sunday School

Sunday School is important because it improves Bible knowledge.  When people know and understand God's Word for themselves, they are more likely to obey the Lord.  The Bible knowledge gained in Sunday School also helps them become more proficient in using God's Word, the Bible.  Sunday School assists in their spiritual growth.  Most importantly, spiritual growth occurs best in the context of small-group Bible study.  As children and adults participate in class discussions, they become part of the group.

Youth Ministry

Our purpose is to faithfully lead the youth so that each of  them live lives that are pleasing to the Lord-walking according to His ways and bearing fruit in their lives and growing in the knowledge of Him.  The Sanctuary Fellowship Worship Center aspires to fill the youth with the knowledge of God's will.  The leadership of the church strives to help the youth love God and know God, and help them live out the scriptural concepts they have learned. 

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